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Looking to buy a star UK ?

If your new to naming a star and you would like to know how then your in the right place. If you have questions then use our live chat via the chat in the corner. If nobody form our star registry is available then please send a message. To name a star in the UK simply click on the star gift pack you want below and then fill in the personalised details on the gift set page.

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Click here to buy a star UKgift set and register your star name on our UK star registry. We have five gift sets for you!

How to buy a star name gift set

To name a star firstly you will need to pick a name, then we can register the star name onto our online Star registry and print it on the star deed. Then It's really simple, just choose a Star naming gift set that you would like and fill out the star registration form on the name a star gift set page. If you get stuck or have any questions on how to buy a star and name it then please contact us by email or our live chat in the corner of this screen. Name a star uk

Makes a great gift

Naming a star is an brilliant gift for almost every occasion. Whether your looking to buy a name a star gift set for a christening, wedding or to remember someone special to you. Naming a star can also make a great birthday or christmas gift, giving the recipient a gift that will shine forever. If you need a present instantly then you can purchase our name a star digital package which allows you to name a star digitally. occasions

Legal Disclaimer

Please note that Naming a Star with our star registry for someone is a beautiful and symbolic gesture which makes a stunning and unique gift, but your star name will not be used or recognized by the astronomic or scientific community, and no legal title is inferred or implied. Buy a star uk

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